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Kitchen with Marble Island

The most bang for your buck

Is your dream home worth 1MM+ but your budget barely makes it to 350K then, I am here to rescue you from living in a sub par home that doesn't foster your wellness and fill you with joy. 

As a wholesaler, I buy off market homes at a significant discount and I want to pass on this incredible benefit. Giving you the possibility to bypass the crazy retail market in this questionable times of rising interest rates and the hardcore competition of this hyper inflated inflation...

I'll help you acquire a distressed home in your favorite neighborhood and we will renovate and redesign it to make it your custom dream home.  

Country Style Home

Ask me about creative financing options.

These are not your grandam's financing strategies*)

How the process works:


Schedule a call so we can disscuss your needs and timeline. Or you can call us directly at (954) 6412241

Once the initial discovery assessment is complete we will develop a plan of action to get you to your dream home in the fastest time possible!

Find off-market home or on-market distressed homes and purchase at significant discounts when compared to on market and updated homes! We can also help you with FHA203K loans to finance your purchase and construction together or other creative financing hacks*


The New House
Student Buying Canvas


Design, bid, & build your dream home  down to every detail. You are the captain of this ship, we simply take your idea out of your head and into your reality! And the best part is, you get to decide how involved or hands on you want to be!

Does this sounds like the answer to your problems, we are ready to help!

Interested in getting started faster?

I would love to call you back with already a brief understanding of your project... Click here to fill out my discovery questionnaire to help me get started faster!

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