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Interior Design

Biohack your lifestyle

…what does it mean to increase quality of life through design?

It means we prioritize health and wellness, maximize real estate value, and optimize the relationship with the natural environment. Crafting spaces that are wholesome, functional, and beautiful. And most importantly, conducive to the highest and best across the triple bottom line framework: benefiting social, environmental and economic realms. ​

If you are looking to thrive not just survive and you want to live in a home that nourishes the environment as much as it nourishes your family, then you are our dream come true.  Our highest aspirations is to craft environments that are beautifully functional, healthy, wholesome, and sustainable. Biohacking your quality of life. Now, that's living in art.

Design Considerations

Paint, insulation, and drywall are only some of the building materials that contain harsh toxins, actually most* materials off-gas toxins compromising air quality and contributing to sick building syndrome and in some cases even toxic poisoning. We aims to reduce human exposure, whether direct or through environmental contamination, to chemicals that may impact health during the construction, remodeling, furnishing and operation of buildings. the intention is always choosing the most natural alternative possible. 
Prioritize Natural Materials 
Vernacular + Bioclimatic Design
Carefully implementing systems designed and outfitted with water technologies including water filtration systems to reduce impurities as mineralization systems nourish and replenish. Greywater systems and rainwater harvesting that feed the landscapes and green walls. Strategic water gardens and other green infrastructure AND  water features to set a biophilic vibe that promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve wellbeing. 
Water cycle and filtration
Indoor Air Quality
The land around your home is a source of under tapped nourishment. Both physical and mental. utilizing permaculture principles and capitalizing from the abundance of nature with the implementation of easy to maintain systems flourishing into edible, medicinal gardens of all types! Bringing the concept of farm to table to your kitchen. Also the joy and serenity of indoor/outdoor living.
The ground plane
Lifestyle at the forefront
Designing buildings based on the local micro-climate, and other immediate site constrains to elegantly blend into the surroundings. Home orientation, green infrastructure, and thermal/ visual comfort. Passive measures like solar panels, Optimizing natural light, and cross-ventilation. 
Air filters are now more important than ever! But don't forget about the wonders indoor plants can do as well, not just for the air quality but also for the energy and vitality of a space. Let's not forget about that cross ventilation. And even aromatherapy.
Your home offers support towards your thriving lifestyle in every room. From the kitchen, the heart of the home, where you can nourishing your family with a nutrient-rich diet, perhaps from your own garden. Flows that facilitate reparation, and disposal, in an environment that enhances connectivity. Bathrooms, and home spas allow wellness to take another level, introducing “biohacking” features for those that are truly serious about optimizing their health and wellness (dedicated steam rooms, saunas, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and more)

Step by Step Process

Urban Garden
Urban Garden

The ideology behind
inHABIT Art...

What do we mean when we say a city is "livable"? Isn't this bare minimum. How about thriving? And how does a place achieve this? The benefits of density (in my opinion, only when in the low rise context) such as curbing adverse impacts of sprawl (including isolation and disconnection, mitigating climate change, decreasing energy costs and carbon emission, inviting an efficient transportation system and walkability. Another intrinsic components of livability is humanizing the concrete jungle through softening up hardscapes. Biophilia and biodiversity which can improve public health, diversity, creativity, safety and vibrancy. The intention to create smaller ecological footprints, long-term economic sustainability, public engagement, and overall a wholesome harmonious evolution. Guided by the idea that the more livable a city is, the more sustainable, the more in-joy-able.

Tropical Hotel Room

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