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Inhabit Art Design
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Elevate Your Living Experience


Crafting environments that bring forth the delicious quality of life that arises from being in alignment inside and out and finding balance between the built and natural environments while simultaneously stimulating not just the micro-economies around but also the life and health of individuals and community.

What does it mean for a city to be livable? Or even thriving? And how does a place achieve this? The Planning part of urban planning is absolutely crucial. As are capitalizing on the benefits of density (in my opinion, only when in the low rise context) such as curbing adverse impacts of sprawl (including isolation and disconnection --- see mixed dwellings), mitigating climate change, decreasing energy costs and carbon emission, inviting and efficient transportation system and walkability. Another intrinsic components of livability is humanizing the concrete jungle through softening up hardscapes. Biophilia and biodiversity which can improve public health, diversity, creativity, safety and vibrancy. The intention to creating smaller ecological footprints, long-term economic sustainability, public engagement, and overall a wholesome harmony, are all values fundamental to the inHABIT ArT movement. Guided by the idea that the more livable a city is, the more sustainable, the more in-joy-able.

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